Result count mismatch on search api autocomplete

We are using search api module and search api solr as databse server. We created result page using views and it has expose form. And in the expose form, we enable autocomplete.

The problem is we search search with a word e.g. ‘performance‘, in autocomplete it is suggesting two result ‘performance,‘ with 25 count and ‘performance.‘ with 11 count and when I select one of this and do the search, it’s showing total 41 result. So here is confusing, if ignore the special chars like ‘,’ and ‘.’ here and make the merge, it will become 36 which is not same as total count.

Note: I am doing fulltext search and configured same field in views and autocomplete.

So am I missing anything there or is there any issue? Or is this way it work, it will be big help if anyone could explain here?

Let me know if you need more information.