Roleplaying a rogue thief without stereotypical motivations? [closed]

My group started a Pathfinder 2E campaign at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown which was meant to be a throwaway bit of fun on Friday evenings. As time has progressed we’ve been playing on a such a regular basis and we have reached a point where the disposable nature of my character is feeling pretty thin.

I’m playing a CN Rogue Thief with a Street Urchin background.

We somehow have managed to end up in a position of power, "ruling" a small town of dragon worshipers who hate our guts after we killed the previous Lord.

I’m struggling to come up with reasons for my character to stick around when he has no political aspirations, he isn’t getting paid for the work and I would like something which is a bit more nuanced than "so he can steal all the stuff"