(Roll20) How to make a simple deck of magical cards that will be drawn randomly?

Sorry if the question was asked before, but i didnt find any good awnsers for me.

Im a new DM playing on Roll20 and im making a new Class that fights with magical cards,dice and coins. I need a deck of cards that you can drawn from, where all cards have different effects. But im not sure how to make it very efficient, because some cards in the deck are duplicates. Also, if you draw a card, its gone from the deck. But you should also be able to “reshuffle” the deck to put all cards back into the deck. I thought about making a rollable table on roll 20, but from what i know, you can’t make a setting to get an event only once before having to “reset” the table. Is there a better method than just writing all cards already drawn somewhere, and let the player roll the table until he gets a new card.

Thanks for your advice.