Roll20 reminded me of a similar program; help me identify it? [duplicate]

I was in chat here on the site and saw mention of an online tabletop gaming website called I have checked it out and it looks pretty promising for online play as it works in the browser, has a rolling tool in it, shows a visual of the battle map, character/monster tokens, etc.

It reminded me of a game play video I saw a while back where people were using a very similar program, so similar in fact I thought they were playing on when I was poking around the site. However when I decided to watch some youtube videos of roll20 games it turned out that it was not the program that I remember from that gameplay video I saw months ago.

The only differences is can remember between the two programs is that the one I am failing to re-find on youtube had animated characters that were controlled in real time via the keyboard (wasd or arrow keys, I dont remember exactly what one of the guys said to the new player that asked how to control his character).

Basically, I would like to know some sites or programs that are similar to in their functionality to make sure that if I choose to start running a game on a site like that I can choose the best one for my needs (and also to find that program I can’t find the video of on youtube, tho that isn’t the main focus of my request).