Rotating proxies not working properly


I use Metric Checker to get the Google Index metric of website, but when I use rotating proxy the metric value is often 0 when it should not.

Look the attached screenshot for an exemple. screenshot 1 => No proxy loaded and it works, screenshot 2 => rotating proxies loaded and it doesn’t work, i get 0.

I also tried with private dedicated proxy (not rotating) from Buyproxies provider and I had no problem.

Can you help me please ? Undecided

PS : I’ve respected the recommanded settings from the Stormproxies and Rotatingproxies websites. (I tried these two providers)

PS 2 : I put these domains in a txt file if you want to try.…scrapebox/

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.png   metrics-checker-0.png (Size: 6.56 KB / Downloads: 1)

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