Samba error: Multiple responses received for a query on subnet x for name x

I’m getting this error every 5 minutes on one of my Linux servers. The name in this case is not a hostname, but the workgroup-name I have set in the smb.conf file of both servers. I have no idea why it keeps doing this, the only thought I have (as a Windows admin) is that the second server is trying to become the master-browser or something and upon resolving the workgroup name gets a reply front the first server that was turned on. Which would explain why the other server shows no errors in its log.

Both systems have statically configured IP’s and resolv.conf containing both domain and nameserver entries.

It makes me wonder though: since it is nmbd that’s doing this, do I still really need it in a SMB3.1 Win10 network? Or can we never get rid of NETBIOS?