Same same but different

Consider profile information views for different user/item* groups.

These profile information views all contain and display similar data and the aim is to keep a consistent layout between different users/items to facilitate easy navigation and familiarization with the interface.

The problem we have is that, because of the similarity in layout, our customers find it difficult to determine what kind of profile they’re viewing and often feel ‘lost’ because of this.

Question: What methods can be used, whilst keeping consistent layout, to easily visually explain to the user what type of page they’re looking at?

*Where items wouldn't be individual users but activities that hold similar data as users. 

Edit: So to be a bit more specific on the types, to name just a few, we have: senders, recipients, individual mail orders and group mail orders. The problem especially occurs when trying to tell the difference between individual and groups which are not users per say but activities, but it’s also not super intuitive when seeing who is a sender or recipient.