SCCM – Run Invoke-CMWmiQuery against a specific device collection?

I have the following WQL query:

select SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceID,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceType,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Name,SMS_R_SYSTEM.SMSUniqueIdentifier,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceDomainORWorkgroup,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Client from SMS_R_System inner join SMS_G_System_EndpointProtectionStatus on SMS_G_System_EndpointProtectionStatus.ResourceID = SMS_R_System.ResourceId where SMS_G_System_EndpointProtectionStatus.SignatureOlderThan7Days = 1 

and I’m able to run it just fine by using

Invoke-CMWmiQuery -Query $  WQL -Option Lazy 

But is there a way I can limit this to to run against a particular device collection, like you can do in the SCCM console?