To design a website that is compatible with SEO we have to first find out what exactly SEO entails. Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is designed to describe certain aspects such as finding the terms and phrases, which can generate qualified traffic to the website until it makes your website friendly to search engines. Meaning in layman’s terms, that this set of rules will allow you to be placed correctly when users search “Google” or any other search engine. Every time search engine optimization is more difficult and is constantly changing. For one example, Google owns more than 7,000 websites that are managed by hundreds of product and marketing teams around the world. Every day more than 200 changes are made to websites which can affect the SEO of a site. One of the suggestions that I would say would be to start with little data; it may seem simple but it can help you focus on small incremental changes in the overall SEO strategy of a website, this can help you generate big profits over time.

Go you agree ot disagree? Why or why not?