Secure architecture for isolated printer network

I am very new to “networking” and security, but I realize that it would be more secure to have printers on their own “isolated network”.

  • How do I secure my networked printers?
  • What kind of printers do the most secure companies use?

I am unsure what the correct or what a good structure is for creating an “isolated network”. Wondering if it means essentially this (for a home-based system):

  1. Create a second account with some ISP, or perhaps just ask for some separate thingy on the existing account.
  2. Buy a second router.
  3. Disable internet access for this router, so it only functions as a local wifi system. Or maybe the printers don’t need wifi and can use ethernet instead.
  4. Connect a laptop to the network somehow, so it can send its print jobs to the printer.

I can see a few holes in that so far, and it seems incomplete. I’m wondering what the typical system is for making a secure isolated network such as for these printers, which you can still send commands to only from specific places (like from a laptop or phone).