security of AES where attacker can ask secure code to decrypt arbitrary cypher-text

A service or library provides a function decrypt( user_id, cypher_text) and gives back plain text. Internally to the function it loads an AES key from a secure vault, decrypts the cypher_text, and returns the plain text. If an attacker gets access to this function alone, but doesn’t know any valid cyphertext, can they perform an attack to recover the AES key for a particular user_id?

To be clear when I say “the attacker doesn’t know any valid cyphertext” I mean it not only doesn’t have access to a matching encryption function but also that the attacker doesn’t have access to any cypher text that has been encrypted with the key. So the attacker can only feed in some specially crafted series of attacking cyphertext and inspect the decryption results to try to deduce the key.

I have looked for the name of such an attack and haven’t been able to find it. In this case the attacker cannot use a “known plaintext” attack as they don’t have access to a function that encrypts with the AES key. I would describe the scenario above as a “crafted cyphertext attack on a decrypt function”. So my question is whether AES is secure against anything but a brute force attack in such a scenario.