Select of Count vs. Temp vs. CTE which is preferred in this instance

I have a view with the following SELECT statement. I wanted to know how to improve the performance of this ( specifically the count part) if possible as the table grows and contains more data. There are less than 200 rows in each one of these tables right now.

SELECT  sr.SRIID,              su.SRNAME             su2.SRNAME2,             (              SELECT COUNT(*)              FROM SomeTable              WHERE ThisID = sr.SRIID             ) AS SomeName,             sr.DATETIME,             .             .             .             .     FROM SizeRatio AS sr     LEFT JOIN SizeUnit AS su         ON sr.SRIID= su.SRIID     LEFT JOIN SizeUnit2 AS su2         ON sr.SUID = su2.SU2ID 

When the tables grow would a CTE or a temp table be more ideal for the Count part or a function ?