SEO Friendly Way to Hide Vehicle Year Range

I’m working on a site that sells products that fit cars of various years. We want the human visitor to see something like:

Fits 1916-1933 Chevrolet Cars & Trucks

Unfortunately, this is poorly SEO’d. If someone searches for this type of product and includes “1928 Chevrolet” in their search terms, the search engine will likely not include this page because 1928 does not appear on the page. A human evaluates 1916-1933 and understands, but the search engine will not.

Obviously, we do not want to list every possible year for every possible car where the site visitor must see it. Hidden text is a no-no these days. So far, we have been unable to make it work nicely using accordions and the like.

Does anyone have suggestions how we can embed all the model years and vehicles without ruining the user experience?