sequelize self association error Aliased associations must have unique aliases [migrated]

I’m using sequelize 4.32 and I was trying to write a self-association in one of the tables, I’m not sure if there is something else that I need to do to solve this relation, my goal is to get all the records in my table and include all the records associated with each one this is the error that I’m getting in the console:

You have used the alias adjucent_stands in two separate associations. Aliased associations must have unique aliases

below you’ll find my model:

module.exports = (sequelize, DataTypes) => {   const stands = sequelize.define('stands', {     id: {       type: DataTypes.INTEGER,       unique: true,       allowNull: false,       primaryKey: true,       autoIncrement: true,     },     name: {       type: DataTypes.STRING,       field: 'name',       unique: {         args: true,         msg: 'Name already exists ',       },     },     location: {       type: DataTypes.JSON,       field: 'location',     },     remote: {       type: DataTypes.BOOLEAN,       field: 'remote',       defaultValue: false,     },     created_at: {       type: DataTypes.DATE(3),       defaultValue: sequelize.literal('CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(3)'),     },     updated_at: {       type: DataTypes.DATE(3),       defaultValue: sequelize.literal('CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(3)'),     },   }, { freezeTableName: true, timestamps: true, underscored: true });    stands.associate = (models) => {     stands.hasMany(stands, { as: 'adjucent_stands' });   };    return stands; };