Serialize custom block with InnerBlock

I have a custom gutenberg block with arbitrary InnerBlocks. For reasons of a custom javascript library I am using I cannot use the <InnerBlocks> component but want to iterate over all blocks and display the blocks with their InnerBlocks in my block’s edit function. I am using the code (simplified):

{ ( block ) => {     return (         <div             key={ block.clientId }             dangerouslySetInnerHTML={ { __html: wp.blocks.getBlockContent( block ) } }         >         </div>     ); } ) } 

This works for most innerBlocks like core/heading, core/paragraph, … But for embeds e.g. it just displays the embed url but not the embedded media content, e.g. from Youtube. I found wp.blocks.serialize and wp.blocks.rawHandler but cannot get it to work either. What am I doing wrong. Can somebody who has deeper gutenberg knowledge point me to the right direction?