set cookie won’t Set

I’m using Ninja forms and am trying to make a plugin where they have to log into an account so they can register for events. I have the page with a form that asks for their user name and password. When they submit the form, I check their creds and if everything is okay, they get redirected to the same page where I have code that is hooked into the init that is suppose to set some cookies and then redirects. It is redirecting but I can’t get the cookies to set. I’ve been at this for about four hours now and can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Any help is appreciated!

add_shortcode('bbr_account', 'bbr_account_func');  function bbr_account_func() {   return var_export($  _COOKIE['account_id'],true);  }   if(!is_admin()) {  Global $  wp; $  dslug = $  _SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];   if($  dslug=='/dpi-sign-in/') {     add_action('init', 'bbr_login');   }  }  function bbr_login() {  Global $  wpdb;  $  uip = $  _SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];  $  login_info = $  wpdb->get_row('SELECT * FROM         '.$  wpdb->prefix.'bbr_login WHERE ip LIKE "'.$  uip.'"', ARRAY_A); if(!is_null($  login_info)) {  $  user_info = $  wpdb->get_row('SELECT * FROM '.$  wpdb->prefix.'bbr_usrs WHERE id = '.$  login_info['id'], ARRAY_A);     $  wpdb->delete($  wpdb->prefix.'bbr_login',array('id'=>$  login_info['id']));   setcookie('account_id',$  user_info['id'],time()+3600,'/','');  header('refresh: 4; url=/account');  } 

When it gets redirected, I get Notice: Undefined index: account_id in /home/dpiadmim/ on line 17 NULL