set-up xDebug for php 7.1 on Acquia Dev Desktop (mac)

I know this may be slightly off-topic, but I’m running out of places to turn to for help, and hoping someone’s had experience with this.

I have Acquia Dev Desktop installed, and a local D8 site, running PHP 7.1.12 on a Mac, not Windows.

I’m trying to install Xdebug, but no luck. Acquia doesn’t include xdebug with PHP 7.1.12. Nor can they help, as it’s out of their scope.

I’ve found instructions in two places and followed them exactly. First by following instructions generated here: Second, I followed instructions here to see if I’d missed anything:

In PHP.ini, I’ve replaced this line:


with this:

zend_extension="/Applications/DevDesktop/php7_1/ext/" xdebug.remote_enable=1 xdebug.remote_log=/tmp/xdebug.log 

After restarting the server, “xdebug” is Nowhere in the .ini file.

I’ve tried signing up to xdebug’s support mailing list (here: but gotten no reply from the daemon. I don’t know if it’s the daemon or our office’s security settings, which are very strict.

So… I’m in a limbo and unable to manage something that seemed like it should be pretty simple.