Setting terminal window’s title: wmctrl versus xdotool

OS: Ubuntu 18.04

When I open a gnome-terminal window, the title is dkb@dkb:~

I can change it using

wmctrl -r :ACTIVE: -N "NewName" 

but xdotool, for want of a better term, doesn’t “see” this title:

dkb@dkb:~$   xdotool search --name NewName dkb@dkb:~$    

On the other hand, I can use xdotool itself:

dkb@dkb:~$   xdotool getactivewindow set_window --name NewName dkb@dkb:~$   xdotool search --name NewName 39845894 dkb@dkb:~$    

So while it’s not a big deal, I’d like to know what the reason is for xdotool not “seeing” the window title set by wmctrl.