Share option: How to append into text file?

If I go to share in any app or from selected text (icon with three connected dots), I get some sharing options such as SMS, Bluetooth, WiFi direct, etc.

But I would also like to dump it directly into a chosen text file destination such as /(the default Android user directory path, different by each version)/Documents/Shared.txt

I need this for easily storing URLs into a file without needing to fumble and fiddle around with copying the URL bar and pasting it into a text editor, which costs a lot of time. The browser usually has a Share option.

Additionally, I would like it to be appended to the text file, not overwritten. I am also fine if a new file is created each time, because some desktop PC commands can easily put 1000 tiny text files into 1 file, and Notepad++ and some Linux commands also support searching all files in a directory for text, even with regular expressions.