SharePoint 2013 Discussion Board problems

I have a SharePoint discussion board for my company where we solicited questions for a large CEO meeting. The basic discussion board template was changed to include the following fields: Question short text; full question; submitter, #likes.

enter image description here

This is NOT my discussion board as it is on a proprietary intranet but will serve to ask my questions as the view is pretty similar.

1) How to add back in the reply feature?
– when I modified the original discussion board fields and created my own view to add likes, I somehow lost the ability to ‘reply’ to the questions. I added a column for ‘reply’ to the view but that just adds a blank column to the right of the table. I would like the ability to add the official answer to the questions.

2) Hyperlinked titles not working – My board looks similar with the title in hyperlinked blue font and the three ellipsis. When you click the hyperlink it doesn’t take you to the full question. It goes to a blank main discussion board page instead. Not sure what is going on with that feature but it is confusing. Since the page itself truncates the full question body to two lines, I was hoping users could click the hyperlink to read the full text. If I change the view to show the full question I lose the ability to ‘like’ the question. I can only pick one option for some reason. (you can click the ellipsis and view the full question but why doesn’t the hyperlink do the same thing?)

  1. I would like the ability for the official answer to be displayed below the question but as I stated above, if I change to a newsfeed type view I lose the ability to ‘like’ the question.

  2. I’d also like to add the ability to ‘like’ the answer but since I can’t even figure out how to add the ‘reply’ to the question, I can’t get that far.

Is this all possible?

Thank you, Brian