Sharepoint 2013, JS link people picker field not working saving for multiple users

I am using below CSR code to set peoplepicker value to multiple person. I have multiple users to be assigned to my peoplepicker field. The code works when i pass current user, but it do not work for other values.

function renderAssignedTo(ctx) {  //get current user properties  //var currentUser = $  ().SPServices.SPGetCurrentUser({fieldNames: ["Title", "Name"]});   //get current user properties  if(ctx.results!=undefined)  {      ctx.CurrentFieldValue = [];      for(var i=0; i<ctx.results.length;i++)      {          var currentUserEntry = createUserEntity(ctx.results[i].Name,ctx.results[i].Title);          ctx.CurrentFieldValue.push(currentUserEntry);       }  }         return SPClientPeoplePickerCSRTemplate(ctx); 


Here ctx is having array of user name and title. Those values need to be set for peoplepicker field in NewForm.aspx which accepts multiple value.

I took reference of this post

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