Sharepoint 2013 – Three-Tier architecture

Recently, I’ve recieved a request to change SharePoint archeticture to be Three-Tier archeticture, as SharePoint by default requires database connection on Front-End server which leads to 2-tier architecture.

Let’s assume I have 2 web front end servers, 1 application server, and 1 DB server, and I intend to do the following:

1- Move the SharePoint Configuration DB to another DB server, let’s assume the name is DB-Server-A

2- The content DB of the web application will be on a DB server named DB-Server-B

3- The connection between the web front end servers and DB-Server-B will not be opened through any ports due to security policies, instead the connection will be opened between WFEs and DB-Server-A where the configuration DB is located.

My question: If a web application has a content DB on DB-Server-B and there’s no connection opened through any ports between the front end and DB-Server-B, will the site keep working without issues? as per my understadning “the web front end server directs any request to the application server, which returns the results to the front-end web server”

Thank you.