SharePoint Access Request

I just noticed that the access request page in some of the site collection is not working. I have assigned new user for permissions that is also a site collection admin, has full control to the site collections owners group, but still no luck. This may have been caused due to promoting site to site collection, i am not sure, but other sites that i have promoted access request is working fine, i have used the same method (doc ave content organizer).

None of this works, i have tried all of the steps:

  1. Recreate owners group and assign new owner or same owner
  2. give permissions to user/approver to the access request list
  3. tried to request access by using user that did not have permissions to the list. No matter what when approver clicks to the “accept or decline this request” from the email the page is empty even though the user can get to the page meaning that the user has access to the access request list. New request is showing on the rss feed while it does not show on the pendingreq.aspx page. The only thing the approver set see is below: access request

It looks to me that the pendingreq.aspx page is corrupted. I can however get to the oldreq.aspx by directly entering it in the url by removing pendingreq.