SharePoint Online button to create a new folder structure in a document library

I would like to add a button that appears on a SPO Modern Document Library that states “Create a new folder structure”. (see below image).

enter image description here

When clicked I would like that button to:

  1. Prompt the user to enter a Name and hit OK.
  2. Create a pre-defined folder structure of multiple sub-folders where the top-most folder is the name they entered in the above step.

E.g. the end outcome is a folder structure as below.

  • “My Folder Name I entered”
    • Sub-Folder 1
      • Sub-Sub-Folder 1.1
      • Sub-Sub-Folder 1.2
    • Sub-Folder 2
      • Sub-Sub-Folder 2.1
    • Sub-Folder 3

I’m not quite sure where to even start…How might I go about achieving this from a no-code and code perspective..?

Could this be achieved with a combination of Flow + PowerApps?


If I go down the path of SPFx, is there any good starting point examples that someone could point me to build from?

p.s: I’m aware of Document Sets and creating a Folder that is copy and pasted as solutions, however I’m more interested in something custom.