SharePoint Online w/ 2013 workflow calling 2010 workflow

Currently we have a collection with six sub-sites, each site has a document library to store operational functions relating to the facility. To help standardize the approval and notification of these documents I generated a reusable 2010 workflow that was published globally.

The initial problem is that on the collection level a contact list was created, with information that pertains to each facility.

  • Site Lookup : Cannot publish globally, causes same workflow on multiple sites.

To rectify my primary problem I introduced a 2013 workflow, which would perform a web request to obtain the information rather than have a site lookup. But this introduced the following:

  • 2013 workflow does not have associative columns, forcing me to “Start 2010 workflow” with initiation columns.
  • Cannot deploy 2013 workflow globally like 2010 workflow.

Which introduces an issue on a sub-site where the 2013 workflow is trying to add parameters to a global 2010 workflow, it will not do. If I create a copy of the global workflow and use that on the list the parameter box appears without an issue.

Only solutions I can think of would be a 2013 workflow that populates a list on each site, then pause the 2010 workflow to use that value. Create multiple contact list, requiring multiple maintenance locations.

Is there a better way? Or am I going to be forced to duplicate workflows to some degree?