Shocking result from new Lighthouse based GTMetrix analysis

The recent GTM upgrade has thrown me a curveball. Sites that were in the 90s for both measures are now scoring Ds and Es in the new Lighthouse tests. AND they don’t give much info as to why.

I went over to PSI and ran their tests again and began to home in on some of the issues which were not issues under old GTM are now issues, specifically for mobile tests.

Nearly all the errant javascript was Google’s! They want me to be fast to score well for good SEO but not use their Adsense code, not use their web fonts, not use their Captcha code (I could go on!).

Caveat: I don’t have the skills to build anything other than a very basic static site by hand – though I have many of them live for simple needs cases. Most clients was bells and whistles and sliders (I know!) and snazzy forms with dropdowns and Captcha etc. etc. So I have a small handful of WP themes which have always served me well.

The sites which are my most important run WP-Rocket, through Cloudflare, and have a paid-for CDN too (Bunny) so you can’t say I don’t try!

I have changed my choice of form plugin because CF7 was loading Captcha code on every page and have worked our how to stop Sider Revolution code loading on every page too.

Still scoring 15% on one site which feels fast when loaded on my phone.

I feel like I’m banging my head against a wall. People want images, they want interactive elements – Google says I can’t have them!

Any tips gratefully received.