Shortcode for Comments and Comment Boxes in Post Loop

Is it possible to get the comments and comment boxes for each post in a loop so users do not have to navigate to the actual single post page to leave a comment (and instead users can leave comments on the page where the loop is placed)?

I am trying to create a shortcode for the comment boxes to be placed inside a loop but the below shortcode only calls the comment box for the current page or single page as per WordPress Developer guide.


function show_comments_shortcode() {      global $  withcomments;   $  withcomments = true;      // This only gets the current single or page comment  $  showcomments = comments_template( '', true );    // Return Comments for each post in loop return $  showcomments; }  // register comments shortcode add_shortcode('show_comments', 'show_comments_shortcode');  

Thank you for any feedback in advance.