Should New and Edit pages look the same?

I’m currently working on a a SaaS which allows the users to upload media content on their screens; the content is not put directly on the screens but instead it’s organized (similarly with music) in Playlists.

I am now creating the “new playlist” and the “edit playlist” views but I am facing a UX dilemma: should they have the same UI?

This is what I have been prototyping:

New Playlist: as this action needs 4 steps, I created a wizard to help the user focus on each part:

enter image description here

Edit Playlist: in this case, the user in most cases will be editing the content only, as the more complex settings in steps 3-4 would have been already dealt with. For this reason, I opted for a page view with tabs:

enter image description here

My question is: would this UI change confuse the user? Should it always be consistent?

Thanks to anyone who will answer 🙂