Silent install of Oracle XE 11g fails with error -3

I’m trying to install silently Oracle 11g XE in the default location (C:\oraclexe).

PS D:\Profiles\xxx\Downloads\x.x\oraclexe\oraclexe-11.2.0> .\setup.exe /S /v/qn 

However, the command generates a setup.log with an error -3 in it, without more information.

[ResponseResult] ResultCode=-3

I've tried a lot of command alternatives, even by using f1 and f2 arguments, but it still does not work. No matter if it is on Powershell or the command line.

Looks like my issue sounds similar to this question, except the answer resolves nothing.

The normal GUI installation works well.

Do you know how I can resolve this thing ? What does the result code mean ?

Thanks for reading me.