SOCO snp social coin

About SoCo: “SoCo and SNP is a blockchain-based project aimed at the decentralization of the social network ecosystem.SoCo, the official currency of tokens, is what users will use to evaluate and monetize their social resources. are the valuable online data that a user owns, including personal profile attributes (name, hobby, status), social relationships (friends, followers) and social behaviors (like, post, sharing). Users and apps are in can use SoCo to conduct transactions, allowing apps to incentivize users to invite friends and engage in app activities, rewarding users for their social resources, and promote a healthier, more confident relationship between apps and users SNP is an open and extensible layer protocol that allows apps to have social functionality, as well as providing users with a secure portfolio of social resources, accesses ile only from the user’s private key. Ultimately, SoCo SNP plans to return ownership of social assets to users and to deconstruct the structure of today’s social networks in order to provide the world with a more transparent, interconnected and innovative online experience. ” 
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