Solving generating conditional expression despite assumptions

Solve[(-f0 \[Pi]^2 wi^4 + \[Pi]^2 wi^4 z + f0^2 z \[Lambda]^2)/(    f0 wi Sqrt[((z^2 + (\[Pi]^2 wi^4 (f0 - z)^2)/(        f0^2 \[Lambda]^2)) \[Lambda]^2)/wi^2]) == 0 && z > 0 &&    wi > 0 && f0 > 0, z, Reals] 

This returns a conditional expression with the same assumptions that I have provided:

{{z -> ConditionalExpression[(     f0 \[Pi]^2 wi^4)/(\[Pi]^2 wi^4 + f0^2 \[Lambda]^2),      wi > 0 && f0 > 0]}} 

I know that I can simplify my conditional expression using some assumptions to get rid of this conditional expression wrapper, but this feels inelegant to me because it’s not seeing the assumptions that I gave it in Solve[].

How do I get Mathematica to recognize the assumptions I gave it in Solve[]?