Solving trigonometric equations with two variables in fixed range?

I am trying to use ‘Solve’ function to solve two trigonometric equations with two variables a1 and a2 (with range 0,2Pi). I wrote the code in the following:

  Vets={Cos[2a1](I+Cos[2a2])+Sin[2a1]Sin[2a2], (I-Cos[2a2])Sin[2a1]+Cos[2a1]Sin[2a2]};   Solve[Vets[[1]] == 1 && Vets[[2]] == 0 && 0<=a1<=2Pi && 0<=a2<=2Pi, {a1,a2}]  

but it gives errors:

Solve::nsmet: This system cannot be solved with the methods available to Solve.

I looked up the documents for Solve function and it should be no problem with the above code. But it doesn’t do anything and give errors, I don’t understand why?

It will be super cool if anyone could answer this question, thank you very much in advance!