SORCADIN: Dassem Ultor Build AL10

I am trying to build a character along the lines of Dassem Ultor from malazan saga. Summarizing the character for those lucky enough to haven’t read the saga yet:

  • formidable swordsman
  • commander with unparalleled charisma  (He led from the front of every battle and soldiers shoved each other aside just for the chance to fight near him.)    
  • at one point in his career he entered into some pact with a god of death

The idea is to create an untouchable swordsman who immobilizes his enemies by terrorizing them with his fame.

Therefore conquest paladin who at some point in his career enters into a pact with some goddess of death (divine sorcerer)

We come to the build:

The idea is to give up a little bit of power in the first levels to get optimized later.

Variant Human (dex-cha): str 13 – dex 14 – con 12- int 8 – wis 12 – cha 16

1st feat: Defensive Duelist or Inspiring Leader

The plan is to take a level in hexblade soon to use CHA as attack modifier.

STR 13 serves me to multiclass and is enough to wear the first armors (dex +2 also gives me great options if I find medium armor worthy of note).  I’ll start with rapier and shield then I’ll give up only a +1 up until the hexblade level, then we switch to using CHA.  

CON is the only big leak but with an excellent armor class (20 if we count the possibility of using the defense duelist feat, 21 with defense fighting style) and all the protections of the paladin class, the PG could work until I’ll find or trade an amulet of health, as well as a belt or gauntlet for STR in order to use an end game armor. (I hate wasting an item over a good ability score)

The progression should be:

1st feat: defensive duelist or inspiring leader

4pal-1hex: ASI +2 CHA

8pal-1hex: ASI +2 CHA

8pal-1hex-4sor(Divine): ASI +2CON if haven’t find amulet or the other feat named in 1st lv

8pal-1hex-8sor: ASI +2CON or Shield Master feat

I really like the 3 feats option without increasing CON

what do you think? particular regard to:   the choice of the fighting style: imho defense > dueling cos AC scales very little while 2 damage becomes negligible going forward and it helps with the CON leak of the build

alternative feat:  Defense duelist seems to me very good for the 1st levels but later against more numerous opponents (the reaction is only one) and with more options to use the reaction it seems to me also forces me to use a rapier when I might decide to vary in a STR sword once I have found a good belt.

alternative level progression, knowing that i can’t wait to see Dassen immobilize opponents with aura of conquest while guardian spirits tear them to shreds.