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Auto parts denso spark plugs replacement
When choosing a NGK spark plug replacement PZFR6R, you have chosen the best spark plugs that are produced for your car or motorcycle.The spark plug is one of the most important components of an engine. It puts the engine in motion and ensures a safe start. And especially in newer cars, the spark plugs have more and more importance for the modern engine management systems.It’s task is to control the combustion of the fuel. For this purpose, a high voltage produced by the ignition coil is led into the combustion chamber. Here the compressed fuel of the electric spark between the electrodes turns on.
Product features of auto parts denso spark plugs replacement:
* Longer service life.
* Corrugated ribs reduce the risk of flashover.
* Laser-welded platinum center electrode tip.
* Pure alumina silicate ceramic insulator, provides superior strength and better heat transfer.
Specifications of auto parts denso spark plugs replacement:
Thread Length: 19 mm
Spark Position: 7 mm
Electrode Gap: 0.8 mm
Spanner size: 16            
Tightening Torque: 28 Nm
Number of Poles:
Outer Thread: 14 mm
Thread Pitch: 1.25 mm
Tightening degree: 90 °
Detailed drawing of auto parts denso spark plugs replacement:
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OE number of this auto parts denso spark plugs replacement:
AUDI03F 905 600SEAT101 905 626SKODA03F 905 600
AUDI03F 905 600 ASEAT03F 905 600VW101 905 626
AUDI03C 905 601 ASEAT03F 905 600 AVW03F 905 600 A
AUDI101 905 626SEAT03C 905 601 AVW03F 905 600
BAICBOC1093002091SKODA101 905 626VW03C 905 601 A
OPEL32017052SKODA03C 905 601 AVWL03C 905 601
Applicable models of auto parts denso spark plugs replacement:
AUDI  A1 (8X1, 8XF) 1.2 TFSI1197634Hatchback2010-
AUDI  A1 (8X1, 8XF) 1.4 TFSI13901364Hatchback2011-
AUDI  A1 (8X1, 8XF) 1.4 TFSI1390904Hatchback2010-
AUDI  A1 Sportback (8XA, 8XK) 1.2 TFSI1197634Hatchback2012-
AUDI  A1 Sportback (8XA, 8XK) 1.4 TFSI1390904Hatchback2011-
AUDI  A1 Sportback (8XA, 8XK) 1.4 TFSI13901364Hatchback2011-
AUDI  A3 (8P1) 1.2 TSI1197774Hatchback2010-2012
AUDI  A3 (8P1) 1.4 TFSI1390924Hatchback2007-2012
AUDI  A3 Convertible (8P7) 1.2 TFSI1197774Convertible2010-2013
AUDI  A3 Convertible (8P7) 1.4 TFSI1390924Convertible2011-2013
AUDI  A3 Sportback (8PA) 1.2 TSI1197774Hatchback2010-2013
AUDI  A3 Sportback (8PA) 1.4 TFSI1390924Hatchback2007-2013
SEAT  ALTEA (5P1) 1.2 TSI1197774MPV2010-
SEAT  ALTEA (5P1) 1.4 TSI1390924MPV2007-
SEAT  ALTEA XL (5P5, 5P8) 1.2 TSI1197774MPV2010-
SEAT  ALTEA XL (5P5, 5P8) 1.4 TSI1390924MPV2007-
SEAT  IBIZA V (6J5, 6P5) 1.2 TSI1197774Hatchback2010-
SEAT  IBIZA V (6J5, 6P5) 1.2 TSI1197634Hatchback2012-
SEAT  IBIZA V (6J5, 6P5) 1.4 TSI13901104Hatchback2009-
SEAT  IBIZA V SPORTCOUPE (6J1, 6P1) 1.2 TSI1197774Coupe2010-
SEAT  IBIZA V SPORTCOUPE (6J1, 6P1) 1.2 TSI1197634Coupe2012-
SEAT  IBIZA V SPORTCOUPE (6J1, 6P1) 1.4 TSI13901104Coupe2009-
SEAT  IBIZA V SPORTCOUPE (6J1, 6P1) 1.4 TSI Cupra13901324Coupe2009-
SEAT  IBIZA V ST (6J8, 6P8) 1.2 TSI1197774Estate2010-
SEAT  IBIZA V ST (6J8, 6P8) 1.2 TSI1197634Estate2012-
SEAT  LEON (1P1) 1.2 TSI1197774Hatchback2010-2012
SEAT  LEON (1P1) 1.4 TSI1390924Hatchback2007-2012
SEAT  TOLEDO IV (KG3) 1.2 TSI1197634Hatchback2012-
SEAT  TOLEDO IV (KG3) 1.2 TSI1197774Hatchback2012-
SKODA  FABIA 1.2 TSI1197774Hatchback2010-2014
SKODA  FABIA 1.2 TSI1197634Hatchback2010-2014
SKODA  FABIA 1.4 TSI RS13901324Hatchback2010-2014
SKODA  FABIA Combi 1.2 TSI1197774Estate2010-2014
SKODA  FABIA Combi 1.2 TSI1197634Estate2010-2014
SKODA  FABIA Combi 1.4 TSI RS13901324Estate2010-2014
SKODA  OCTAVIA (1Z3) 1.2 TSI1197774Hatchback2010-2013
SKODA  OCTAVIA (1Z3) 1.4 TSI1390904Hatchback2008-2013
SKODA  OCTAVIA Combi (1Z5) 1.2 TSI1197774Estate2010-2013
SKODA  OCTAVIA Combi (1Z5) 1.4 TSI1390904Estate2008-2013
SKODA  RAPID (NH3) 1.2 TSI1197634Hatchback2012-
SKODA  RAPID (NH3) 1.2 TSI1197774Hatchback2012-
SKODA  RAPID (NH3) 1.4 TSI1390904Hatchback2012-
SKODA  RAPID Spaceback (NH1) 1.2 TSI1197634Hatchback2012-
SKODA  RAPID Spaceback (NH1) 1.2 TSI1197774Hatchback2012-
SKODA  RAPID Spaceback (NH1) 1.4 TSI1390904Hatchback2012-
SKODA  ROOMSTER (5J) 1.2 TSI1197774MPV2010-
SKODA  ROOMSTER (5J) 1.2 TSI1197634MPV2010-
SKODA  ROOMSTER Praktik (5J) 1.2 TSI1197634Box2010-
SKODA  SUPERB (3T4) 1.4 TSI1390924Hatchback2008-2015
SKODA  SUPERB Estate (3T5) 1.4 TSI1390924Estate2009-2015
SKODA  YETI (5L) 1.2 TSI1197774Closed Off-Road   Vehicle2009-
SKODA  YETI (5L) 1.4 TSI1390904Closed Off-Road Vehicle2010-
VW  BEETLE (5C1) 1.2 TSI1197774Hatchback2011-
VW  BEETLE (5C1) 1.4 TSI13901184Hatchback2011-
VW  BEETLE Convertible (5C7) 1.2 TSI1197774Convertible2011-
VW  BEETLE Convertible (5C7) 1.4 TSI13901184Convertible2011-
VW  CADDY III Box (2KA, 2KH, 2CA, 2CH) 1.2 TSI1197634Box2010-
VW  CADDY III Box (2KA, 2KH, 2CA, 2CH) 1.2 TSI1197774Box2010-
VW  CADDY III Estate (2KB, 2KJ, 2CB, 2CJ) 1.2   TSI1197634Estate2010-
VW  CADDY III Estate (2KB, 2KJ, 2CB, 2CJ) 1.2   TSI1197774Estate2010-
VW  CC (358) 1.4 TSI13901184Coupe2011-
VW  EOS (1F7, 1F8) 1.4 TSI1390904Convertible2007-
VW  EOS (1F7, 1F8) 1.4 TSI13901184Convertible2008-
VW  GOLF PLUS (5M1, 521) 1.2 TSI1197634Hatchback2010-2013
VW  GOLF PLUS (5M1, 521) 1.2 TSI1197774Hatchback2009-2013
VW  GOLF PLUS (5M1, 521) 1.4 TSI13901034Hatchback2006-2008
VW  GOLF PLUS (5M1, 521) 1.4 TSI13901254Hatchback2006-2008
VW  GOLF PLUS (5M1, 521) 1.4 TSI1390904Hatchback2007-2013
VW  GOLF PLUS (5M1, 521) 1.4 TSI13901184Hatchback2008-2013
VW  GOLF V (1K1) 1.4 TSI13901254Hatchback2005-2008
VW  GOLF V (1K1) 1.4 TSI13901034Hatchback2006-2008
VW  GOLF V (1K1) 1.4 TSI1390904Hatchback2007-2008
VW  GOLF V Variant (1K5) 1.4 TSI13901034Estate2007-2009
VW  GOLF V Variant (1K5) 1.4 TSI1390904Estate2007-2009
VW  GOLF V Variant (1K5) 1.4 TSI13901254Estate2007-2009
VW  GOLF V Variant (1K5) 1.4 TSI13901184Estate2008-2009
VW  GOLF VI (5K1) 1.2 TSI1197634Hatchback2010-2012
VW  GOLF VI (5K1) 1.2 TSI1197774Hatchback2008-2012
VW  GOLF VI (5K1) 1.4 TSI1390904Hatchback2008-2012
VW  GOLF VI (5K1) 1.4 TSI13901184Hatchback2008-2012
VW  GOLF VI Convertible (517) 1.2 TSI1197774Convertible2011-
VW  GOLF VI Convertible (517) 1.4 TSI1390904Convertible2011-
VW  GOLF VI Convertible (517) 1.4 TSI13901184Convertible2011-
VW  GOLF VI Variant (AJ5) 1.2 TSI1197774Estate2009-2013
VW  GOLF VI Variant (AJ5) 1.2 TSI1197634Estate2010-2013
VW  GOLF VI Variant (AJ5) 1.4 TSI1390904Estate2009-2013
VW  GOLF VI Variant (AJ5) 1.4 TSI13901184Estate2009-2013
VW  JETTA III (1K2) 1.4 TSI13901034Saloon2006-2010
VW  JETTA III (1K2) 1.4 TSI13901254Saloon2006-2010
VW  JETTA III (1K2) 1.4 TSI1390904Saloon2007-2010
VW  JETTA III (1K2) 1.4 TSI13901184Saloon2008-2010
VW  PASSAT (362) 1.4 TSI1390904Saloon2010-2014
VW  PASSAT (362) 1.4 TSI13901184Saloon2012-2014
VW  PASSAT (3C2) 1.4 TSI1390904Saloon2007-2010
VW  PASSAT Variant (365) 1.4 TSI1390904Estate2010-2014
VW  PASSAT Variant (365) 1.4 TSI13901184Estate2012-2014
VW  PASSAT Variant (3C5) 1.4 TSI1390904Estate2007-2010
VW  POLO (6R, 6C) 1.2 TSI1197664Hatchback2011-2014
VW  POLO (6R, 6C) 1.2 TSI1197774Hatchback2009-
VW  POLO (6R, 6C) 1.2 TSI1197634Hatchback2009-
VW  POLO (6R, 6C) 1.4 GTI13901324Hatchback2010-
VW  SCIROCCO (137, 138) 1.4 TSI13901184Coupe2008-
VW  SCIROCCO (137, 138) 1.4 TSI1390904Coupe2008-
VW  SHARAN (7N1, 7N2) 1.4 TSI13901104MPV2010-
VW  TIGUAN (5N_) 1.4 TSI13901184Closed Off-Road   Vehicle2011-
VW  TIGUAN (5N_) 1.4 TSI13901104Closed Off-Road   Vehicle2008-
VW  TIGUAN (5N_) 1.4 TSI1390904Closed Off-Road   Vehicle2010-
VW  TIGUAN (5N_) 1.4 TSI 4motion13901184Closed Off-Road   Vehicle2011-
VW  TIGUAN (5N_) 1.4 TSI 4motion13901104Closed Off-Road   Vehicle2007-
VW  TOURAN (1T1, 1T2) 1.4 FSI13901254MPV2006-2010
VW  TOURAN (1T1, 1T2) 1.4 TSI13901034MPV2006-2010
VW  TOURAN (1T3) 1.2 TSI1197774MPV2010-
VW  TOURAN (1T3) 1.4 TSI13901034MPV2010-
VW  TOURAN (1T3) 1.4 TSI13901254MPV2010-
VW  VENTO IV (162, 163) 1.2 TSI1197774Saloon2011-
VW  VENTO IV (162, 163) 1.4 TSI13901184Saloon2011-
VW  VENTO IV (162, 163) 1.4 TSI1390904Saloon2011-
VW  VENTO IV (162, 163) 1.4 TSI13901104Saloon2011-2014
Why is quality so important for spark plugs?
Sparks created by the spark plugs jump from the sharpest point on the center electrode to the sharpest point on the side electrode, so when choosing a spark plug that is top of the line, you want a plug that will retain its shape for the most miles. Precious medals like platinum and iridium are harder and have higher melting temperatures than copper spark plugs.
The advantages to work with us:
* Different grades of quality to meet the needs of different customers.
* Professional designer who can design poster to customers.
* New and fresh professional auto part market information is provided.
Decoding NGK Spark Plugs
The following table helps to decode NGK spark plugs. Example 1 is the D8EA (12mm thread diam, temp range=8, Long thread, Special) and Example 2 is the DPREIX-9 (12mm thread diam, Projected tip, Resistor Type, temp range=8, Long thread, Iridium, 0.9mm electrode gap).
ComponentValueExample 1Example 2
Thread DiameterB = 14mm
D = 12mm
C = 10mmDD
HexagonC = 16mm
Projected Firing TipP
Resistor Type (Interference Protection)R
Heat Rating2 = hot
12 = cold88
Thread LengthE = Long
H = ShortEE
MiscS = Standard
A = Special
B = Special
IX = IridiumAIX

Electrode Gap9 = 0.9mm
11 = 1.1mm
A: The almost overwhelming General Consensus on the F is a resounding “No”. Waste of money. They CAN however aid hard starts if you have a fouling problem, but you should look into the cause of that problem first.
• If your car is working fine with the current spark plugs, please don’t waste money.
• Extended tip plugs are suggested more for surging and stalling problems on single spark FI models. Some people perceive an improvement in dual spark cars using extended tip plugs, however no one really has “factual data” on this mod.
• Iridium tip plugs (not extended tip – e.g. DR8EIX) have also been perceived by some to improve their cars performance.
A: As a spark plug manufacturer and not an automobile service facility, professional liabilities prevent us from providing instruction on specific spark plug removal and installation. Spark plug installation may require the removal of engine components and may require that specific vehicle manufacturer procedures be followed to ensure proper service and safety. It is recommended that you follow the instructions listed in the vehicle service manual or as instructed by your local vehicle dealer or a reputable mechanic for specific spark plug service and replacement.
A: The spark plug is the last step in the ignition circuit. It takes a voltage surge from the ignition coil using a controlled timing circuit and provides a path for the high voltage to be transferred into the ignition chamber where a spark ignites the compressed air fuel mixture within the cylinder. If everything is working properly and the correct amount of fuel is used, even burning of the compressed mixture results. The piston is pushed down, the crankshaft turns, and the engine runs efficiently. This provides maximum fuel economy and lowest exhaust emissions.
A: DIS is different from standard electronic ignition systems in that the voltage surges from the coil passes through the plug wire to the plug. With the evolution of DIS, because spark plugs in a DIS system fire in a looped system rather than a single spark for those in a conventional system, the spark plug is required to be stronger and more robust. The Vosirui Double Platinum spark plug, which features platinum on both tips of the electrode is designed to withstand the added requirements of a DIS system. So when the DIS ignition system fires, the platinum on both tips of the electrode ensures the plug tip does not wear down AND maintains the gap thereby extending the life of the plug. With the extended life of the Vosirui Double Platinum spark plug, vehicle owners won’t have to incur the labor costs of changing their spark plugs as often since these plugs last 2 to 3 times longer.Spark Plugs suppliers