Spell Acquisition – How to Reign it in?

So, when using all the books (including the Arcana Exxet), it looks like 1st level players with a say, 8 int (40 Spell levels) and 2 ranks of + spell list (+10), can start the game with….3 Lv 80 Spells? Or a group of lv 50-60 spells? I can’t see anything in the rules that prevents players from doing this, and it would be even easier if players spend advantages to get more int and/or more Zeon. Sure, their low MA would stop them from being able to cast a big combat spell, but a 1st Level character being able to cast a spell like "Tsunami" feels really wrong.

Is there something we are missing? It feels like the only way to reign in my character’s growth is for me to put arbitrary limits on the spells they are allowed to aquire and grow in throughout the game, which feels just like I’m doing my own balancing on the fly. It’s also problematic if I slip up and let a spell through that I should have blocked.

GM’s, how do you guys handle spell acquisition for your players, at creation and as they grow? I’m thinking of putting a limit on purchasing one-of spells, increasing the cost, or somehow making it so players can’t just arbitrarily decide to learn powerful magic on their own without help or a library or something.

Thanks for your input!