Spell Mastery + Mind Spike + Expert Divination [closed]

So, I was planning on making a divination wizard build but something dawned on me. Could I technically cast infinite level 1 spells, by choosing Mind spike as a spell mastery and have Expert divination

Spell mastery: (Level 18) Choose a level 1 and Level 2 spell. I can cast this at the lowest level without expending a slot. This allows you to cast a level 1 spell and level 2 spells as many times as you want

This means i can just spam mind spike. But there’s more. If you read expert divination-

Expert divination: When you use a level 2 or above divination spell, you regain a spell slot of a spell lower than that level

With Mind Strike being a Divination spell, it works with Expert Divination. It also does a 3d8 damage (though it does require concentration which sucks)

So technically, couldn’t i just spam mind spike, while continuously regaining first level spells? I dont think i’ll do this in the campaign because if this technically works, it is pretty broken, as i’ll be able to spam a first level spell (like shield for example) or if i multiclass into Cleric, be able to spam Cure wounds forever if I use Mind spike each turn (which is crazy) or other spells using the first level spell slot. Though i do want to know if this is possible, and i haven’t been able to find a question / research based on this