*Spoilers*Has anyone ever created a Gate Mage type Class yet? Gate Mages are from the Mither mages series by Orson Scott Card [on hold]

Wondering if anyone else has attempted to make a Gate Mage class for Pathfinder or dnd. I play mostly Pathfinder these days so I’d prefer stuff in that regard.I put below the basic outline of what a gate mage is and a basic outline of the class spells and such. In case anyone else might have seen something like it.

If not I was wondering if I could get help creating such a Class and then I can build a Character around it.

So to Start a Gate Mage is able to make Gates(Portals) to places that they have seen before. Each Gate Mage has a certain store of Gates. In the books the kid doesn’t know he has a near infinite amount of gates. of course we wouldn’t want an all powerful char so we will limit the gates per level or with a feat like lay on hands is. So gates in that series not only have the ability to teleport you from one place to another, they also heal the person that goes through the gate back to full health and repairs their body to perfect conditions for their current age. So an older person with back problems would be healed off all their aliments but they are still old. Now their is such a thing as a great gate, which enhances the person that goes through its powers. It makes it so they gain access to whatever hidden powers their class has basically. I think that could see work if its altered some. So if a low class fire mage goes through a Great Gate they go from being able to just make flames with their hands to being able to use flame thrower. If a High class fire mage enters a portal they basically become a god of fire. Clearly we don’t want that. All gate mages are Chaotic by nature, they aren’t evil by nature but can be cruel. They are pranksters and tricksters. Their Gates grant them the power to see far away locations and can be used to spy from afar with out having to be in a room. The distance is based on the mages amount of gates. The more gates the more power you have as a gate mage. The gate made is able to understand any language and can speak, read, and write after only a few interactions. They are skilled in bartering and tricking people. A gate mage can always tell if someone is telling a lie. They are very good at math and are logical but chaotic by nature. They don’t worship a god, but their power comes from space and time.

Gate Mage: A Mage that specializes in gates. A gate mages greatest power is the healing power their gates grant. Gates can be placed and have the ability to be locked or be public gates. They can be one way gates or two way.Gates don’t work like normal spells in that they are expended once used. A gate mage and make a full round action to move a gate around in a 60 foot radius from them in combat, doing so it can be used to heal the target and even to restore lost limbs. The gate mage can maintain up to the their limit in gates per combat but only the gate the Mage is focusing on can be actively used to heal. It takes an free action to change which gate the mage want’s to focus on. All gates are Public until the gate mages learns how to lock and unlock them. Gates can only be seen by gate mages, other mages with mage sight and lastly by someone holding a Gate Key. The gate key gives gate sight for all gates not just the casters gates. Though it will not get you into any locked gates save the casters.

Gate Mages Prime stat is Wisdom Secondary stat is Charisma.

lvl 1

Spells: Gate(2), Gate Link, Return gate

lvl 2

Spells: Gate(4), Lock Gate

lvl 3 Spells: Gate(6)

lvl 4 Spells: Gate(8), Unlock Gate

lvl 5 Spells: Gate(10),

lvl 6

Spells: Gate(12), Gate Key(1)

lvl 7

Spells: Gate(14)

lvl 8 Spells: Gate(16)

lvl 9 Spells: Gate(18)

lvl 10 Spells: Gate(20), Great Gate

lvl 11

Spells: Gate(21)

lvl 12

Spells: Gate(22), Return great gate, Gate Key(2)

lvl 13 Spells: Gate(23)

lvl 14 Spells: Gate(24)

lvl 15 Spells: Gate(25)

lvl 16

Spells: Gate(26)

lvl 17

Spells: Gate(27)

lvl 18 Spells: Gate(28) Gate Key(3)

lvl 19 Spells: Gate(29)

lvl 20 Spells: Gate(30), Great Gate 2

Spell List: Gate,Link Gates,Return gates,Lock Gate, Open Gate,Gate Key ,Greater Gate, Greater Gate II Spell Descriptions:

Gate – Allows the Caster to make a one way gate to another location. The gate has the ability to heal anyone that walks through it of 1 affliction and 1d6 of healing per 4 levels of gate mage. As a standard action the caster can automatically make a Linked set gate(2) that is link to a fraction of a space from where the first starts and ends. In doing so they can make essentially make a healing space in a square that any who stand in it gets healed 1d6 per round per 4 lvls of gate mage.

Gates can be maintained an infinite distance from the caster even should the caster be taken to another universe the gates persist. Should the caster die their Regular gates persist and slowly fade in power over 500 years.

Gate Link – Allows the Caster to link two one way gates together to make a two way gate.

Return Gates – At any time as a free action the gate mage can pull back any of their gates to themselves no matter where they are, except if they were used in a great gate.

Lock Gate – prevents anyone but the caster from using the gate. Unless they have a key stone mage by the Gate mage that created the gate. Gate Mages are able to lock other gate mages gates. However they need to be 2 levels higher to do so, the owner of the gate can simply pull the gate back and it will unlock however.

Open Gate – Allows the caster to make a gate they created or locked public again.

Gate Key – Allows the caster to imbue an item with power allowing a person access to their gates. This power functions in the same way as placing a gate in the object, the caster can reclaim the power at any time using a free action.

Greater Gate – The gate mage uses gates(20) to create a Greater Gate. Greater gates are always 2 way and can be used to link two different realms or plants together. The casting takes 1 week to cast and the caster requires 2 other gate mages or casters present to maintain the casters health while casting.

Once completed the Gate can stand 1000 years after the Caster has died. The power of a Greater Gates healing power is magnified by the power of all the gates that went into it. Anyone that passes through a greater gate is fully healed of any aliment including missing limbs. The gate restores any permanently lost stat points to include any lost levels. The person that passes through the gate is restored to perfect health as their age level would permit. You don’t get any younger. Any curses or afflictions are cured. A dead creature can pass through a gate or greater gate and be healed in the same way a living creature is. The gates are not divine or holy. A Dead person can not be brought back to life via a normal or greater gate. Their body however will be fully restored.

The creation of a Great gate takes a great toll on the caster, as most of their power is gone into the gate. They take a 20% exp penalty until they gain back their gates or gain at least 2 new gates.

Gate Gate II – Allows the caster to make Greater Gates at the cost of (10) gates per Greater Gate and they can do so in the span of 1 day if they have their full 30 gates available to them. If they have less 20 gates or only 10 it takes 3 days. Upon using their last set of gates they take a 20% exp penalty until they gain at least 2 gates back.

This is WIP so don’t judge to harshly.