Sqlite Affinity for hashvalues with certain size

I must store many SHA256-values in a sqlite-database and now i wonder which sqlite-affinity would be the correct one. SHA256-values have an output-length of 256bit=32byte. I am looking for an sqlite-affinity which can handle this but which also does not “waste” diskspace since in my case i have very many datasets. I have read on this site many useful things about datatypes in sqlite but i still do not know which type would be correct for SHA256-values. i would prefer something like “bytearray(32)” so i thought varchar(32) could be the one. but then i remembered that i can probably not converting all of this bytes to printable characters to get them stored as character-array. So it seems that I must use Blob.

Unfortunately do not really find any useful information about limiting the Blob-size in sqlite and how sqlite handles blobs internally. I would like to use the information that my hash-values have always the same length to optimize the disk-usage of the database: I want sqlite to know that for this Blob-column it always have to reserve only 32 bytes, never more. So I would like to use something like Blob(32) as column-type. Is this possible? And if yes: Does it make sense or is there any fallacy?