Sqlite3 database insertion not working

Sqlite3 database insertion not working. I’m unable to insert user data such as user name, email id, password in sqlite3 database while enter data for an android app.

fun insertion(title:String, subtitle:String):String { val db = this.writableDatabase val Values = ContentValues()     Values.put("title ",title)     Values.put(" Subtitle", subtitle) val newRowId = db?.insert("table1", null, Values)  if(newRowId == -1. toLong()       return "failed" else       return "success" } 

This code return failed because of the insert function returns the row id as -1. Which means the row is not inserted. There no bug encountered while running app.From android studio file explore I download the database file and run that file in sqlite browser. Then I can found even table also created but row is not inserted. I don’t know why. Please help me! Don’t close my question please!