SSRS 2016 Server capacity Planning – Hardware sizing

I wanted to estimate the required hardware configuration for SSRS 2016 with below user, and reports. SQLServer is used only for ReportServer db and datawarehouse is on another server.

Total Users base: 8000 Concurrent users: 1000 Total Number of Reports: 500 Datawarehouse (Oracle) is on an independent server so no capacity planning required for data query.

Are there any guidelines or approaches to calculating the capacity?

I was considering it as – (Total Concurrent Users * Report data size in mb). + buffer for raw dataset as 25% of ((Total Concurrent Users * Report data size in mb)) + OS Requirement (10% of total RAM)

Example: (1000 * 2mb – report size) = 2000 mb + 500mb (25% buffer for raw dataset) + 5000 mb (OS) so total for SSRS = approximately 3 gb and Total OS 5 gb and grand total = 10 gb approx.

  • SQL Server 6 gb for data storage and query. so total RAM required = 10-16gb.

Will this be the correct approach? any suggestions?