Starfinder Starships and Planar Travel

folks! Long-time gamer, but new to Starfinder, I ran into a question that I’m not sure if Starfinder (or any related Pathfinder/Starjammer material) covers:

What I’ve read about Starfinder’s shields isn’t very complex from the Core Rulebook I have, but the closest thing I can think of for where they got their ideas for Shields is Star Trek, which uses shield generators for the generation of protective energy screens with which to defend against outside attacks. They’re made up of layers of energetic distortion containing a high concentration of subatomic particles which transmit gravitational force. Traditionally when they’re engaged, neither matter nor highly concentrated energy can normally penetrate the shield, and most matter or energy that comes into contact with the shields tends to be harmlessly deflected away.

This includes teleportation, which in Star Trek causes almost instantaneous transporting of an object or person from one location to another by using matter-energy conversion to transform matter into energy, then moving it to or from a subspace chamber where it is reconverted back into its original pattern. And because the shields stop energy, it stops teleportation, unless you have the secret bypass frequency that allows you through the shielding.

The only thing I’ve really seen about this in Starfinder is that it’s impossible to teleport onto a moving ship, because it’s moving too fast for a mage to correctly lock on.

So, the question posited to me was what if a character used some form of planar travel or portal (such as "Gate" in Pathdfinder’s "Gate" spell, which creates an interdimensional connection between your plane of existence and a plane you specify, allowing travel between those two planes in either direction) to get onto an enemy ship? Do the energy shields in Starfinder (or Starjammer) have any way of stopping that, or is that something wholly unaccounted for? Do shields stop teleportation, or is that only a Star Trek thing? And if it’s GM discretion, then in keeping with the Star Trek line of thought (energy doesn’t pass through shields, so nor does teleportation), would that also apply to plane shifting, since his goal would be sidestepping via a nearby dimension to bypass the shields?

I imagine establishing a portal connection would require putting energy onto the other side to make the "tunnel" for lack of a better word, but there may be official answers out there that I haven’t discovered yet. I know "Wall of Force" states that breath weapons and spells can’t pass through a wall of force in either direction, but dimension door, teleport, and similar effects can bypass the barrier, and that the wall blocks ethereal creatures as well as material ones.

It’s ok if the rules haven’t covered this at all! Thanks, in advance either way!