Stavropol City, surrounding area – Safety

This is my first time posting here. Thank you in advance to anyone who reads and comments.

I have the possibility of going to Stavropol City, Russia for work. I will be staying in the city then traveling to the city of Nevinnomyssk about 60km South of Stavropol to visit the Client’s factory.

If I go, I will be staying about 3 days and 2 nights. Each night I will stay at a hotel in Stavropol and leave to Nevinnomyssk to have meetings with clients during the day.

I know the surrounding regions can be quite volatile and the US/UK embassies warn against all travel to Stavropol Krai for any reason.

However, when I checked online a bit there seems to be a number of cases of people visiting Stavropol and having wonderful experiences but I am hesitant to rely on anecdotal accounts.

Does anyone have solid information on this area? Namely Stavropol City and Nevinnomyssk.

Again thank you for reading and any information is highly appreciated.