std vector c++ all and any utility functions

wondering is it possible to write something like boolean math comparison functions to compare array elements with samples that presented as primitives or vector of primitives, or also vector of complex classes.

I guess for now, that I can write some templates with std::less or std::more, then I will overload some other operators like ( ), if ‘SomeType’ will be the class, I think to picking some of class members and use ( ) for return primitive types to comparison function.

Here is self explanatory pseudo syntax example of how I in short imagine code reusement:

std::vector< SomeType > valuesArray = GetSomeValues(); // some income data std::vector< SomeType > desiredVals = { 3, 9, 7.5 };   // some comparsion data  if ( all( valuesArray, <,  20.0 ) ) {     if( any( valuesArray, ==, desiredVals ) && all( values, >, 2.35 ) )          fire(1); } else if ( all( valuesArray, >=, 5.1 ) && any( values, <=, 8 ) {          fire(2); } else    fire(0) 

Also those utility functions can be used as query like helpers, in considering that ‘valuesArray’ can be complex class with ( ) operator that delegate some class primitive member. Further more is of thinking how to use euals operator for this function to assignation of vector results ) and how provide bool state if function used in (if statement):

std::vector< SomeType > selection1 = any( valuesArray, >=, 15 ); // first matches vectorial copy result std::vector< SomeType > selection2 = all( valuesArray, ==, 0.5 ); // all matches also repeats result  if ( all( ..., sign, ... ) ) // only bool result 

Ofcourse there can be difficultes in overloading assignation operator and bool, ternary, !, operators to make function two types of return values, maybe it will become also some templa class with overloading.

Question are, how to do it in easy way? Maybe I just miss something new in stl, thanks in advance!