Stored proceture execute time in core mvc vs in .net form

Since we have about 20 client data, the difference in execution time is visible. In the MVC application, objects are stored, while in the three-layer application or .Net form, each attribute data is stored in order. In the MVC application, when registering or saving a client in the database, it must go through several classes and folders, while in .Net form, when the client clicks the Register button, in that action button1_Click () there is a code for storing the procedure, ie saving a new client in the database . While in the MVC application, when a client presses the Register button, the first thing to do is to send the client object to Services, where each individual attribute is unpacked to check if they are entered correctly, if they are entered correctly the object is returned. it was our turn to check if the client object already exists in the database so that we do not have duplicates. Only when all this is checked, the data is ready for storage. When storing data, the Services method is called for registration, in which the Repository is called for saving data, and only in that method is the client object saved. In other words, we need more actions to add a new client to the database, while in .Net form everything is in one place, ie in the action onclick () the data is saved and should not be sent by other storage methods, so it takes less time for the stored procedure or data storage. In the MVC application, the object goes through various classes and methods, so then it is used and takes up more memory, then we have a slower stored data procedure, unlike in .Net form.

I just need to know if my theory is right, if its wrong can you tell me where im wrong.