Strange Variations of URL Showing Up in Google Search Console

My wife and I started a website several months ago. Today on Google Search Console we noticed some strange variations of pages on her site. They were found under the section:

Coverage > Crawled – currently not indexed

They look something like the following with our domain and some weird words appended to the end:

These pages just load up a bunch of gibberish code.

enter image description here

When I go to the referring pages and do a find, I don’t see any mention. However, if I do an inspect in my Chrome browser and search for string "detroitchicago" then a handful of results show up.

enter image description here

Was the website hacked? I don’t see any directories like "detroitchicago" in my hosting file manager when I search for it, but it seems to be in the page code.

What can I do to fix this problem and prevent it from happening? Do I just submit a new request to remove these strange URLS in Google Search Console?