Strategy on Standby restore option for hourly log shipping file

I am trying to come up with a strategy of keeping up with daily database update process using "standby" restore mode.

I am getting 24 log shipping files (for the previous day’s each hour transaction log files) from a third party’s FTP site. I would update these 24 files on a nightly run. I get these files originally in SQB file formats, and then I have a tool and script to convert these SQB files into BAK file format.

Now, I am trying to come up with a strategy of continuous back up plan.

Database does not have to be updated or modified, but just to be read. Do I restore each transactional log file as "standby" all the time and just leave them as "standby" mode?

I am planning to create a separate database to retrieve only necessary data from some tables from this "read-only" database.

I have one more question. If I accidentally run a script to restore this database as "NoRecovery or Recovery" mode, is there way to change the mode back to "Standby" by running a script or do I have to restore full bak file again as "Standby" (do the whole process again)?