Submiting with problems on one of the options php wprdpress

Hello I having a strange behavior with a simple submit in a page that has to fill some data from 2 inputs. Basically everytime i try inserting without values it insert, if i try and put ‘teste1’ it inserts but it doesnt insert anything than that values more.

down i have the code im using:

        if (isset($  _POST['addit'])) {     $  wpdb->insert($  table_name, array(         'names' => $  _POST['name'],         'descriptions' => $  _POST['description']     )); } elseif(isset($  _POST['deleteit'])) {         if ($  _POST['deleteid']) {             $  wpdb->delete($  table_name, array('id'=>$  _POST['deleteid']));         } } $  categories = $  wpdb->get_results($  sql); 

this is only happening in a specific tempalate i created on wordpress and not in the others that have a similar constrution. Already tried recreating the page, configuring a new page. One more thing its strange, every time i put some other string, it goes to the standard 404 wordpress page. Any Thought?

Best Regards