Summing values from multiple sheets with names specified in cells

I’m attempting to sum unknown quantities of data that is contained in several sheets. The amount of sheets isn’t known either. Thus far, I’ve simply been using the indirect command on a column with an ever-growing list of sheet names, and that’s been working fine with referencing them individually:

        A 1   Sheet Name 1 2   Sheet Name 2 3   Sheet Name 3 4   Sheet Name 4 

Each of these sheets is formatted identically but contain different data. So one may look like:

      A          B 1   Apples       7 2   Oranges      8 3   Bananas      3 4   Grapes       5 5   Plums        1 6   Strawberries 8 7   Bananas      3 8   Grapes       5 

What I need to do is iterate through my list of sheet names, run a countif on that data, and then sum all of the results from the various sheets together.

I’ve tried using:


However, that only returns the result for the first sheet that’s named. So in this case I would only get a 2 back, while sheets 2-4 may each contain 10+ Bananas.