Summoning a large group of the same kind of creatures [closed]

I am writing a novel and have a question regarding an incident that happens in my book. In it some very bad characters steal a very large group, say 100 head of cattle. Is that a translocation spell, they are moving them En mass from one area to another, or a group summoning? Some of the cows can be harmed in the casting. What sort of characters would those casters be? Conjurors. What is anything would be the cost of such magic?

Magic in the world is rare, and rarely used, thus far in evil. But it is there. There are druids, and healers, races must be intelligent enough to be magic users and it is viewed with suspicion by the non magic users.

I am very familiar with MMO RPGS but have not seen something like this and wonder if table top gamers may have seen or heard of this. It could be multiple magic users casting the spell that also has some elemental features too.

Thank you for reading and the help!