why choose investment casting (lost wax casting )?

Investment casting (lost wax casting) reduce the high cost of your machined stainless steel parts, welding, fabrications and mechanical components by as much as 30 to 50%. From simple to complex shapes, investment Casting provide you with ideal solution to your mechanical component requirements. 1. Finish and Coating: natural, nickel plated, electro polished plated,zintek200 or any coating as per customer specification. 2. Available material: stainless steel, carbon steel and refractory steel of various specifications. 3. Standard: According to specific requirements. 4. Weight range: from 0.01 Kg to 20Kg. 5. Testing machine: spectrometer. 6. OEM service is available. 7. Material : various kinds of carbon steel,alloy tool steel,wear-resistant alloy steel, heat-resistant alloy steel and all kinds of stainless steel &it’s developed products. 8. Certificate: ISO9001:2000 by British BMT such as bike accessories ,valve casting ,pump casting etc. Any other answers ?